Lisa Nordström
Photo: Malin Ingrid Johansson

Guldbagge for best original music to Lisa Nordström


Lisa Nordström, a former student in the music teacher programme (1994–1999) and individual performance (2001–2005) as well as teacher in musical drama, won a Guldbagge last night for best original music for the documentary Children of the Enemy.

Lisa Nordström works as a musician and composer in many genres: improvisation, electronic music, and more. She has toured all over the world and her work has been presented at international festivals such as Sonar Sound Tokyo, Mutek Festival, Molde Jazz Festival and Berlin Music Week. Previously, she has composed music for the films Sonica Sequence, Majken, Welcome to Verona and more.

The documentary Children of the Enemy is about Patricio Galvez's struggle to save his seven orphaned grandchildren from a prison camp in Syria.

In addition, Gorki Glaser-Müller, a former teacher in the performing arts educations, was nominated for best director for the same film. 
Cecilia Milocco, also a teacher in the performing arts educations and an alumnus of the master's programme in acting (2012–2014), was nominated for best actress for her role as Molly in Knackningar.

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