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GPS400 has contributed to the compilation of the theme "Gothenburg in Film," which has recently been made available on The theme offers an overview of how Gothenburg has been depicted in films from the period 1916 to 1982, based on research and analysis of the city's film heritage.

Through the project, GPS400 has inventoried and analysed various aspects of Gothenburg's film history, including the preservation, use, and accessibility of film as a cultural heritage. This research has led to an increased understanding of the region's film stock and its historical and cultural significance.

"Gothenburg in Film" includes a selection of films that reflect the city's historical and cultural landscape, with content ranging from documentation of everyday life to significant events and developments within the city. The material includes local newsreels, amateur films, and commissioned films that provide a broader picture of Gothenburg's evolution over time.

This collection is a result of GPS400's work to investigate and document film as part of the visual cultural heritage and aims to facilitate access to these historical documents for the public, researchers, and educational institutions.