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Employee digital calendars affected by server crash


On September 18 a number of the University of Gothenburg's servers crashed, causing major problems with its e-mails. You are now able to reach many of the mailboxes again but the problems with digital calendars and contacts continue for many employees.

It is currently possible to reach more than 85% of the e-mail boxes at the University of Gothenburg and work continues to make all of them functional again. However, because the e-mail system is so much more than just sending and receiving emails, the crash has also affected digital calendars and contacts which belong to the same system.

This means that employees involuntarily miss scheduled meetings and lack links to digital meetings. There could be several reasons for this but it might be because employees have not yet had their history imported, which means that a meeting that was booked before the crash is now not visible in the calendar. It may also affect meetings which were booked while the e-mail traffic was down and that the employee because of this did not receive an invitation.

"I therefore appeal to external parties to make sure that important calendar invitations arrive, for example by calling the person or sending the invitation again," says Vice-chancellor Eva Wiberg.

"The situation is very problematic for a university that has as many contacts with the wider community as the University of Gothenburg has. The IT unit is working hard to solve these problems and I can only once again hope for understanding from students, employees, the general public and external partners," says Eva Wiberg.

Please call if you don't receive email replies

If you are trying to reach the University of Gothenburg by email, please be aware if you receive an autoreply from in return. If you receive this, it means that your message has not arrived and the email address you e-mailed is still affected. If this happens, please try to reach the employee or function over the telephone instead. 

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By: Ulrika Lundin