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Still difficult to reach the university by e-mail


Since September, the university is experiencing problems with e-mails and calendars. The university's IT unit is focusing on getting basic functionality up and running for all mailboxes.

Last updated September 29, 3:30 PM

"It's unfortunate that it's not possible to reach all e-mail addresses at the University of Gothenburg. We're working hard to get it up and running as soon as possible. I kindly ask students, employees, the public and external partners for your understanding on this matter," says Vice Chancellor Eva Wiberg.

What has happened?

During the night of Friday 18 September, several e-mail servers broke down, which meant that it was not possible to reach personal e-mail addresses or function mailboxes at the University of Gothenburg. During the weekend of September 19-20, the IT unit, together with subcontractors, managed to restore the e-mail function for about half of the employees. 

Intensive efforts have been made during the week to restore the functionality of all mailboxes, which unfortunately have not yet been successful yet. Some employees have gotten their email back, but not all. Those who are currently unable to send or receive e-mail are still affected. The stoppage is a top priority and the university is working around the clock to resolve the issue. 

The problem concerns both the e-mail addresses of individual employees and the e-mail addresses of common functions at the university. Student e-mails are not affected. 

How do I reach the university?

If during this period you have tried to reach affected GU addresses, the university's e-mail services have sent out an automatic reply stating that the email has not reached the recipient. This response should have been sent after 48 hours. If you have not received an automatic response, your e-mail system might have classified the e-mail as spam.

E-mails sent to affected GU addresses while they have been unavailable are unlikely to arrive when the addresses become available again. 

Since not everyone can access their e-mails, we recommend that those who need to get in touch with the university should communicate via telephone instead.