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Server crash makes contact with the university more difficult


The server crash on 18 September is still affecting the University of Gothenburg, and all e-mail boxes cannot yet be reached. However, the number of people who can send and receive emails increases day by day.

Approximately 75% of the university's e-mail boxes can now be reached. 

"It's a step along the way that the emails now are working for more and more people. But I’m afraid we are not out of the woods yet. The problems still remain a top priority, says Vice-chancellor Eva Wiberg. 

The restoration of the e-mails is complicated and takes time. This is because university employees use many different types of computers and systems that are updated and serviced in different ways. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The university's IT unit has therefore had to work with a combination of automatic and manual processes to get employees' e-mails working again.  

The reason behind the crashed email servers is a previously undetected error in the built-in software which in turn caused damage to the hardware. 

Investigation underway 

The incident is to be investigated, something which has been clear since the problems started and Vice-chancellor Eva Wiberg has previously flagged that an in-depth review will take place. This week, the university's Chairman of the Board, Peter Larsson announced that he, in consultation with the Vice-chancellor had commissioned the internal audit office to carry out an audit and that external investigators would be involved.  

Since all e-mail boxes unfortunately do not work, the university kindly asks those who unsuccessfully have tried to email the university, to please telephone instead.