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The server crash is still causing problems


More and more email addresses and calendar are now working again but it will still take some before everything is back to normal.

“It is very serious that we still have not regained email functionality for everyone. We are doing everything we can and we are painfully aware of the effects this have on the organisation”, says Vice-chancellor Eva Wiberg.

On Friday 18 September, a server crash took place at the University of Gothenburg, which led to the university's approximately 12,000 e-mail addresses ceasing to function. During the weekend that followed, the IT unit was able to get half of these up and running again. After extensive inventory work, it was found that of the 6,000 remaining non-functioning e-mail addresses, 5,000 were active and in use and thus needed to be restored.

University employees use many different types of computers and systems that are updated and serviced in different ways. This means that there is not one solution that works for everyone, which has made the recovery both complicated and time consuming. The university's IT unit has therefore had to work using a combination of automatic and manual processes.

About 1,700 accounts inaccessible

“A rough estimate is that there at present are 1,700 accounts that cannot be reached. This means there are fewer than 1,700 employees who still cannot send and receive emails or calendar bookings. Among these accounts are also so-called function addresses, which are not personal e-mail addresses”, says Sören Ehrnberg, IT manager at the University of Gothenburg.

Intensive efforts are being made to get all active addresses functioning properly as soon as possible. Every day more and more are getting their emails back, but exactly how long this will take is still difficult to say.

“We at the IT unit do everything we can to deal with the operational disruption. I am very aware that this causes major problems for the organisation”, says Sören Ehrnberg.

Please call if you do not receive an email answer

If you are trying to reach the University of Gothenburg via email, please be aware if you receive an autoreply from in return. If you receive this, your message has not arrived and the e-mail address you emailed is still being affected by the malfunction. In these cases, please try to reach the employee or function by telephone instead.

Text: Ulrika Lundin