Dance mural from the culverts at Lillhagen mental hospital.
Photo: Jenny Högström Berntson

Elisabeth Punzi awarded VFS funding


Elisabeth Punzi has been awarded the Verification for Collaboration (VFS) funding from the Research and Innovation Office (FIK) in order to create an exhibition concerning the importance of creative expressions for people struggling with mental health difficulties. She will do this together with Annica Engström, artist and coordinator at Stiftelsen Gyllenkroken, an activity center for people with mental health difficulties, and Anna Sjölander art educator at Region Västra Götaland, Västarvet.

VFS is a Vinnova program that gives you access to funding and support in order to identify and carry out the first steps towards a collaborative project between academia and external actors.

Elisabeth Punzi is a researcher at the Department of Psychology and cluster leader for the Heritage and Wellbeing cluster at the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies, University of Gothenburg.