University of Gothenburg
The Team at Centre for Lifestyle Intervention
Petra Rodéhn-Sampson, Daniel Arvidsson, Jonatan Fridolfsson, Carina U Persson, Mats Börjesson, Åsa Källén, Christian Greven, Sofie Stark, Sara Nord.

About Us

The Centre for Lifestyle Intervention studies changes in lifestyle and develops new, personalised methods for lifestyle changes. The centre is located at Östra Hospital and is a collaboration between Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the Institute of Medicine.

Four goals with the centre

  • Develop internationally leading clinical research in lifestyle intervention.
  • Develop personalised methods for interventions that create a more healthy lifestyle. Personalised lifestyle advice (precision health) are created using data from biology, lifestyles and the environment.
  • Provide knowledge that benefits the health and medical care system and contributes to improved treatment and prevention of lifestyle diseases.
  • Promote collaboration within the field among the research community, the health and medical system, industry and other relevant groups.

Our vision is to address perhaps the biggest challenge in the health and medical care system - increasing lifestyle-related ill-health.

Mats Börjesson, professor of sports physiology, heart specialist and centre director

Photo: Paul Björkman