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Seminars within the Centre for Health Governance research area will be announced here.

CHG-Seminar Series within the health economic sector will start spring semester 2023, jointly for the School of Business, Economics and Law and the Sahlgrenska academy. Target presenters are mainly PhD students and post-docs, but open to all researchers.

The seminar starts at 3 p.m., duration 1 hour, coffee 15 min before seminar.
Hybrid solution available.

Coming up autumn semester 2023

Thursday November 2 - Hanna Gyllensten

December - to be decided

Passed spring semester 2023

Thursday  September 7 - Ashish Kc, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, SA
"Power and Policy"
Time: 1 -4 p.m. (refreshment and seminar)
Place: 4206, Hus 4, HVB (Hälsovetarbacken)

Thursday, 16th March 2023 - Kristina Jakobsson and Felipe Pacheco Zenteno
Sahlgrenska academy, lecture hall Mammuten, Medicinaregatan 18A

Thursday, 19th January 2023 - Ingrid Svensson presenter
School of Business, Economics and Law, lecture hall B44, House B, floor 4, Vasagatan 1

A workshop was also held Thursday, 25th May 2023 at School of Business, Economics and The workshop consisted of 6 presentations of ongoing research spanning on different questions related to the organization of health care.

13.30      Randi Hjalmarsson (University of Gothenburg) “ADHD, Prison Healthcare, and Crime”

14.00      Niklas Jakobsson (Karlstad University) When do Default Nudges Work
14.30      Henning Øien (Oslo University) “Out-of-pocket prices and rationing of care services:
Evidence from price discontinuities”

15.00      Coffee
15.20      Annika Lindskog (University of Gothenburg) “Historical pathogen prevalence and government response to COVID-19”
15.50      Jens Wikström (Stockholm University) “Does it matter who cares? Formal vs. informal care of the elderly” 
16.20      Mio Fredriksson (Uppsala University) ”The development of universal health coverage and equal access in Sweden: A century-long perspective”
16.50      Conclusions

Presenter Ashish KC
Associate Professor Ashish KC presented "Power and Policy" at the CHG seminar Sept 7, 2023.
CHG seminar Sept 7 2023
Participants at CHG seminar Sept 7, 2023.
Kristina Jakobsson presenter at the Centre for Health governance
Presentation Kristina Jakobsson from Sahlgrenska academy at the Centre for Health governance seminar March 16 2023
Presentation Felipe Pacheco Zenteno at the Centre for Health governance seminar March 16 2023
Presentation Felipe Pacheco Zenteno from Sahlgrenska academy at the Centre for Health governance seminar March 16 2023
CHG seminar series
From left; PhD student Gabriella Chauca Strand, presenter PhD Ingrid Svensson, deputy director CHG Jahangir Khan and director CHG Ewa Wikström

At CHG first seminar PhD Ingrid Svensson presented the project Magnet4Europe, Karolinska Institutet, with the overall objective to improve the mental health and wellbeing of physicians, nurses and other health professionals in European hospitals.

Contact persons:

Professor Jahangir Khan

Doktorand Karl Maack

Doktorand Gabriella Chauca Strand

Presentation Jakobsson and Zenteno March 16

Presentation Jakobsson och Zenteno 16 mars (PDF)

Passed seminars

A seminar was held April 19 with Martin Karlsson, Professor of Economics at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Chair of Health Economics at CINCH (Competent in Competition and Health) research centre, and a Research Fellow at IZA. Martin is also an affiliated professor at the  Dept of Economics.

The title of his talk was “Premium refunds and healthcare use” and is joint work with Daniel Avdic, Simon Decker, and Martin Salm.