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Person-centred Care Arena webinar 1: Person-centred care in Europe

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Filmed material on the subject of person-centred care produced by GPCC and others. Short films, seminars and more.

Produced by GPCC:

Person-centred care - Together for better care

How can you work in partnership with the patient? What is a co-created health plan? What is person-centred care and why is it important? In this animated short film (in Swedish with English subtitles), these questions are answered, and a patient, a physician, a relative/carer, a nurse and a physiotherapist, describe person-centred care from their perspective. Click here to watch the film on YouTube.  

YouTube Playlist: GPCC Personcentrerad vård / Person-centred Care

Our YouTube playlist contains a selection of short films and recorded webinars in Swedish and English. It is entitled GPCC Personcentrerad vård / Person-centred Care and it is available on Sahlgrenska akademin / Sahlgrenska Academy’s YouTube channel. Click here to get to the playlist on YouTube.

Voices on Person-centred care:

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