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University of Gothenburg

Software download

The Göteborg Urban Climate Group has developed a number of different software which is freely available for download.

Most of the tools are available from of the Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor (UMEP), a comprehensive open source sensitive climate planning tool available as an plugin in QGIS.

Older tools 

All older software are written in MATLAB programming language and make use of a runtime engine called MCR (MATLAB Complier Runtime), which makes it possible to run MATLAB applications outside the MATLAB environment. The MCR is deployed royaly-free and could be downloaded  from here.

Older MCR-versions could be downloaded from

The Matlab Complier Runtime 7.13 (32-bit) download (166 Mb) 

The Matlab Complier Runtime 7.16 (64-bit) download (423 Mb)

Some of the tools is compiled using a 32-bit MCR but most of the tools make use of a 64-bit version. Make sure that you install the correct version on your PC. Information is given for each separate tool.


Setupfile for both SOLWEIG 2015a and SOLWEIG1D. 

DOWNLOAD (build 1: 2015-10-12, DEPRECATED , running with MCR 8.2 64-bit)

NB. One file is missing for SOLWEIG1D. Download this file (landcovercalles_2015a_1D.txt) and locate it in the same directory as the software itself.

Setupfile for both SOLWEIG 2014a and SOLWEIG1D.

DOWNLOAD (build 1: 2014-06-14), running with MCR 8.2 (64-bit)

Setup file for both SOLWEIG 2013a and SOLWEIG1D.

DOWNLOAD (build 4: 2013-10-17), running with MCR 7.16 (64-bit)

The SOLWEIG 2.3 Interface, running with MCR 7.16 (64-bit).

SOLWEIG 2.3 User-manual

The SOLWIEG 2.2 Interface, running with MCR 7.13 (32-bit)

SOLWEIG 2.2 User-manual

SOLWEIG1D 1.0, running with MCR 7.16 (64-bit)

SOLWEIG1D 1.0 User-maunal (put in same folder as the application)

Hemispheric photo for testing



The SEES 1.2 Interface, running with MCR 7.16 (64-bit)

SEES 1.2 User manual

The SEES 1.1 Interface, running with MCR 7.13 (32-bit)

SEES 1.1 User manual


SkyViewFactorCalculator 1.1 (build 2), running with MCR 7.16 (64-bit)

User-manual (put in same folder as the application)


PlanAreaIndexCalculator 1.1, running with MCR 7.13 (32-bit)

User-Manual (put in same folder as the application)