University of Gothenburg
Bilden visar en äng omgärdad av gärdesgård, samt sju personer som arbetar med lieslåtter.
Traditionell slåtter i Orsa, Dalarna, 2016.
Photo: Hjalmar Croneborg

Rune Stenholm Jakobsen: Scythe manual

During his project, Rune Stenholm Jakobsen compiled material on the craft of scything and produced a manual. The Scythe manual brings together in-depth documentation of tools and various mowing techniques.

Craft documentation and course literature

Rune Stenholm Jakobsen started with scything in 2005. Rune began to document and compile his own and others scything experiences and knowledge and the idea to make a scythe manual was born. The Scythe manual (Liehandboken) is both an in-depth documentation of the scythe craft and can by used for educational purposes. The manual is written in Swedish.

Book cover for Liehandboken, photo.