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The Craft Laboratory organises several conferences and network meetings in our different areas of expertise throughout the year. Biannually, we organise the Biennial International Conference for the Craft Sciences (BICCS) and a building preservation conference.


The Biennial International Conference for the Craft Sciences (BICCS) aims to expose the breadth of topics, source material, methods, perspectives, and results that reside in the transverse field of craft sciences. The conference provides a platform for communicating craft research beyond the borders of faculties and disciplines. Through collaboration with the Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Gothenburg, the conference provides multimodal communication that invites new forms of research publications. Alongside the traditional call for research papers, it is also possible to submit filmed multimedia articles, interactive applications, demonstrations, and exhibitions. 

Information on how to submit your contribution is found on the BICCS web portal. The web portal also offers access to sessions and articles from previous editions of the conference.

BICCS web portal

Building preservation conference

The building preservation conference, Byggnadsvårdens konvent, is a large forum for professionals in built heritage that takes place biannually. The conference gives a rich and inspiring insight into what is going on in the wide field of built heritage in Sweden. Craftspeople, conservators, managers, and officers meet in Mariestad for three days with lectures, seminars, and workshops. In addition to the approximately 500 participants, around a hundred professionals participate with lectures, presentations of ongoing or completed projects, and workshops around various materials and techniques. Heritage gardening is becoming increasingly important in safeguarding and developing the built environment and are included in the conference programme. Alongside the conference, a building preservation fair is held in facilities close to the conference.

Byggnadsvårdens konvent (in Swedish)