University of Gothenburg
Stencil templates intended to be used on a wall, photo.
Photo: Anna Berg

Anna Berg: Contemporary stencil painting

Stencil painting is a technique with great future potential in both old cultural environments and modern homes. But how can materials and methods be improved to be as sustainable as possible? And how can knowledge on sustainable stencil painting be shared with practitioners? Cultural painter Anna Berg is working with these questions in her project.

Sustainable patterned walls

Are there any sustainable options for modern wallpaper, which often contains plastic, for those who wish to have walls with patterns? Stencil painting has great potential to be such an alternative. Cultural painter Anna Berg takes on this question in her project on contemporary stencil painting.

A series of films

The project is intended to result in a series of films highlighting different aspects of stencil painting. Some of these aspects are: putting up rag paper, making stencils, measuring walls. Anna Berg also explores the availability of different types of durable materials. 

The project is running during 2022 and will be finalised in the spring 2023.

Photo: Anna Berg
Photo: Anna Berg