Supplier information about e-invoices

Suppliers can choose among several ways to send e-invoices. The preferred method is via PEPPOL BIS Billing 3 format. We do not accept invoices via email or PDF.

From April 1st 2019, by law, you as a supplier must send us an e-invoice.

The following general instructions apply regardless of the method chosen. Remember that the following applies in addition to statutory requirements.

  • The supplier is to quote the invoice references requested by the University.
  • The supplier needs to be able to quote the purchaser reference, order reference, and subscription number.
  • Credit invoices should refer to the original invoice.
  • The invoice should include information about what the delivery concerns (type, quantity, and any information about the documents on which the invoice is based, e.g. price quote).
  • All invoices must be issued via a contract supplier unless otherwise agreed.
  • In the event that an order is made via the e-commerce system, an invoice may only refer to a single purchase order.
  • When setting up a subscription, an invoice may only refer to one subscription.

Quote the invoice reference

Invoice references must be quoted on the invoice:

  • If the order is placed by phone, our buyer ID (e.g. 1111AAAAAA) should be quoted in the RequisitionistDocumentReference field.
  • If the order is placed via our purchasing system, our order number (9900000xxxx) must be quoted in the OrderLineReference field.
  • For subscription invoices, the subscription number should be quoted in the AdditionalDocumentReference field (max. 25 characters).
  • The reference should be written in succession without headings or first element.

Invoice portal

Invoices may be issued via manual registration in our invoice portal.
This service is free up to 25 invoices per month. Appendices can be attached.

Questions regarding e-invoicing

For questions regarding e-invoicing to the University of Gothenburg contact

Bis invoices via operator

The University of Gothenburg’s operator is Our address is 2021003153 and our address for receipt within Peppol is 0007:2021003153. Appendices can be attached.

Bis invoices

Bis 3.0 invoices are a standard for e-invoices recommended by SFTI.

Read more about standard for e-invoices.

Bis 3.0 invoices can be sent via an operator or ftp.

Bis invoice examples

Verification service

Link to the SFTI verification service

You must create an account to use this service. It is free of charge.

Other information

University of Gothenburg, organisation identity number 202100-3153
VAT number SE202100315301
GLN: no. 7340090599996
DUNS: no. 350582359

Requirements for registration of a new foreign supplier if the supplier is not able to send e-invoices:

An alternative to Financial identification is the Account verification letter/ Proof of bank details which is created by the supplier's bank and contains all the information found in Financial identification (including the bank's stamp, signature and name clarification).