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How to register invoices in fakturaportalen

Invoices can be registered free of charge in our portal

Start by going to the website fakturaportalen

You can register 25 invoices per month, free of charge and you register by selecting the option “I want an e-invoicing solution”.

1. Register

Start by clicking Register.

Click register

When the registration is complete you can log in and start sending invoices directly.

2. How to register invoices

When you log onto the portal, click on Invoice. And then click on Create new.

Click invoice and Create new

Search for Göteborg uni and click search and then click on the name Göteborgs Universitet to get to the register window.

Search för Göteborg uni

3. Contact information and invoice reference

In the first section you have to fill in your details and below Buyer address you need to fill in the department name in the section C/O address.

Edit invoice - invoice details

In the section Buyer’s reference 1 you need to fill in our reference code. Our reference is called buyer-id and starts with 4 digits and ends with 6 uppercase letters. (Example 9151BTESTE)

4. Payment details, delivery details and invoice lines

Payment details and invoice lines should also be filled and further down you can attach attachments to the invoice. Note that the field for VAT needs to be filled, for VAT-free fill in the number zero.

Payment details and invoice lines

5. Check the invoice

The last thing you do in the summary is to press Check to see that all fields are correctly filled and when "Valid according to the rules" is displayed, you can click "Send" and the invoice is sent directly to us.

Check the invoice