University of Gothenburg


The research project "Antibacterial biocides in the water cycle – an integrated approach to assess and manage risks for antibiotic resistance development" (BIOCIDE) is funded within the call on Aquatic pollutants by JPI-AMR, JPI-OCEA NS and JPI-WATER with ca 1.7 Million Euro between 2021 and 2024. The aim is to determine how and to what extent antibacterial biocides contribute to the development and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria in different freshwater/marine ecosystems, and to inform and enable measures that ultimately protect human health and provide safe water resources for all.

The project is coordinated by UGOT, Institute of Biomedicine (Joakim Larsson) with local collaborators, and with external partners from Umeå University (Sweden), Institute of Marine Research (Bergen, Norway), Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (Berlin, Germany), Technical University of Denmark (Lyngby, Denmark), University of Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania) and University of South Bohemia (Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic). The Swedish Research Council VR (Medicine and Health) funds UGOT, and the Swedish Research Council FORMAS funds Umeå University.