University of Gothenburg
Flyer workshop

Risk assessment of biocide and antibiotic resistance

Assessment of resistance and cross-resistance risks of antibacterial biocides

Date: 9th of March 2022

Time: 10:00-15:00 (CET)

Location: Online Zoom meeting

Organizer: BIOCIDE consortium


Detailed agenda here

Frank Schreiber (BAM, Germany) and Joakim Larsson (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)



  • Biocide resistance and cross-resistance to antibiotics
  • Guidance development for assessment of biocide resistance
  • Biocide resistance database
  • Assessing environmental exposure to biocides and risks for co-selection


  • Joakim Larsson (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) – the BIOCIDE project
  • Johan Bengtsson-Palme (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) – Bacmet database
  • Frank Schreiber (BAM, Germany) – Biocide resistance risk assessment
  • Nabila Haddache (ANSES, France) Assessment of resistance development risk at product authorisation and Active Substance approval
  • Keith Edward Baptiste (Danish Medicines Agency) – antibiotic resistance risk assessment
  • Marlene Ågerstrand (Stockholm University, Sweden) – environmental regulation

See below for power point presentations (PDF formats)


Biocides in the EU are authorized according to the EU biocide product regulation. This regulation requires risk assessment towards the development of resistance and cross-resistance. However, resistance risk assessment is not performed consistently across different products due to a missing knowledge base for all active substances and the lack of a common guidance document. In addition, it is unclear how to regulate risks related to co-selection of AMR caused by environmental pollution with biocides. 

‘BIOCIDE’ is a European project funded by the Joint Programming Initiatives of Water, Oceans, and Antimicrobial Resistance within the AquaticPollutants call. The aim of BIOCIDE is to determine how antibacterial biocides contribute to the development of biocide resistance and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria in aquatic environments and to enable measures to reduce the risks of biocide resistance.

The BIOCIDE project partners aim to support relevant regulatory authorities on how to evaluate and reduce resistance risks emerging from biocides. To this end, the objectives of the workshop are to foster knowledge transfer from the consortium to stakeholders as well as communication of needs and requirements of the regulatory sector to be able to better assess biocide resistance. In addition, the workshop would like to foster communication between regulatory authorities that are involved in resistance risks assessment of antibiotics, plant protection products and biocides in order to use synergies and align risk assessment between sectors.   


Target audience

Regulatory authorities related to the Biocide Product Regulation

Regulatory authorities related to the authorization of veterinary and human antibiotics

Regulatory authorities related to the authorization of plant protection products

Regulatory authorities related to the Water Framework Directive

Regulatory authorities related to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Policy makers addressing Antimicrobial Resistance and Contaminants of Emerging Concerns

Environmental scientists interested in regulatory aspects of antimicrobial resistance





Registration deadline: 1st of March 2022