Ylva Ågren

Senior Lecturer

Department of Education, Communication and
Visiting address
Läroverksgatan 15
41120 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Ylva Ågren

Research project

Children’s Cultural Heritage - the visual voices of the archive

This project addresses the urgent task of exploring how to integrate Swedish children’s cultural heritage and make it an indisputable part of Swedish cultural heritage by asking: what rights do children have to their own cultural heritage? The focus is on how to collect, preserve and archive children’s own cultural expressions for the future.

Children as professional influencers and internet celebrities (project leader)

This project aims to explore Swedish children’s own assessments on the phenomenon of internet celebrities from the perspectives of child influencers. Furthermore, it examines how different digital platforms, promotional material and images work in constructing and reconstructing child influencing culture as well as children and childhood more broadly. The project also direct attention to how the practices of childhood influencing might be shaped by inequalities of ethnicity, gender orientation, sexuality, and social class. Additionally, the study contributes insights into the potentially changing roles of children and adults when children are influencers.