Olga Kourtchenko

Principal Research Engineer

Department of Marine
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 7B
413 90 Göteborg
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About Olga Kourtchenko

Current work:

Since last year I joined a project, lead by Anna Godhe, that aims to connect genotypic and phenotypic changes in a model marine diatom species, Skeletonema marinoi, as a consequence of adaptation to anthropogenic-induced stress. My primary tasks are: i) to help develop and optimize a method for the phenotypic characterization of Skeletonema growth in liquid micro-culture, and ii) to apply this method to the library of strains originating from various layers (ages) of sediment cores from eutrophicated and “clean” fjords. Most recently, I have also started exploring the possibility of using solid medium (agar) culturing method for quantifying Skeletonema growth in a high-throughput manner.


My original training is in general biology, with extensive field and laboratory work experience, and additional training in teaching biology. Throughout my scientific carrier I have gathered experience in different biological subjects and systems: I have worked with ecology and systematics of epiphytic mosses, biochemistry of immune responses in plant cells, metabolism and signaling in yeast, taken courses in bioinformatics and sequence analysis; and now submerging myself into the world of marine biology and evolution.


I am a member of CeMEB research network.