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Mikael Baaz


Department of
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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Postal address
Box 650
40530 Göteborg

About Mikael Baaz

Mikael Baaz is a full Professor in International Law as well as an Associate Professor (docent) in Political Science and an Associate Professor (docent) in Peace and Conflict studies. His core research interest is various aspects of the international society, in particular international law and international criminal law as well as resistance and social change. His papers appear in inter alia: (i) Alternatives: Global, Local, Political; (ii) Asian Journal of International Law; (iii) Asian Politics and Polity; (iv) Conflict and Society; (v) European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology; (vi) Global Public Health; (vii) Internasjonal Politikk; (viii) International Journal of Constitutional Law; (ix) International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society; (x) International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society; (xi) International Studies Review (several papers); (xii) Journal of Civil Society; (xiii) Journal of International Criminal Justice; (xiv) Journal of International Relations and Development; (v) Journal of Law and Society; (xvi) Journal of Political Power; (xvii) Journal of Resistance Studies; (xviii) Journal on the Use of Force and International Law; (xix) Law and Society; (xx) Leiden Journal of International Law; (xxi) Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice och, (xxii) Scandinavian Studies in Law.

Mikael Baaz is holder of the title Excellent Teacher

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Research areas

  • International Public Law
  • International Criminal and Procedural Law
  • International Relations Theory
  • Human Rights
  • Resistance Theory

Teaching areas

  • International Criminal and Procedural Law
  • International Public Law
  • Resistance Theory

Selected publications

International law is different in different places: Russian interpretations and outlooks
Baaz, Mikael
International Journal of Constitutional Law, 14:1, s. 262-276, 2016

Dissident Voices in International Criminal Law
Baaz, Mikael
Leiden Journal of International Law, 28:3, s. 673-689, 2015

The “Dark Side” of International Criminal Law: The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
Baaz, Mikael
Scandinavian Studies in Law, Stockholm : Stockholm Institute for Scandinavian Law, 60:Law and Developement, s. 157-186, 2015