Martin Lövdén


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Haraldsgatan 1
41314 Göteborg
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Box 500
40530 Göteborg

Assistant Head of Department

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About Martin Lövdén

I do research and teaching primarily in the cognitive neurosciences, with a special focus on learning and lifespan development.

The capacities for learning and memory are behind the most remarkable achievements of humankind. These abilities are also of great importance for lifelong well-being and health. The aims of my research are therefore to discover the principle mechanisms that govern human skill learning, describe the brain changes that lead to decline in learning and memory in aging, and to understand the role that skill learning plays in lifespan development. Ultimately, I hope that the knowledge we gain will aid humans to learn and develop more successfully throughout life.

For up to date information on my research and a popular science blog: Lövden Lab - a part of Life Lab. For a complete list of publications see my account on Google Scholar.