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Magnus Fredriksson

Senior Lecturer

Journalism Media and Communication
Visiting address
Seminariegatan 1B
41313 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 710
40530 Göteborg

About Magnus Fredriksson

I started my work at JMG 1997, was appointed for the PhD-program 1999 and defended my thesis 2008. The title is “Corporate Responsibility/Marketplace Rhetoric. An Analysis of Corporate Communications”.


I’m a trained chef but my first work was as an accumulator worker at Tudor AB (1988-1992). Thereafter I worked with staff development first as a consultant later at the Swedish federation of Engineering Workers (1992-1993).

I started my academical studies 1993 and finished 1997 with a masters degree in Media and Communications Studies. Apart from MCS it includes courses in Pedagogy, Organizational psychology and Public Relations at Leeds Metropolitan University.

I have taken part in two governmental commissions and I have carried out commissions for a number of external clients. As of 2001 I’m also an consultant working with analyses, guidance and professional development in strategic communication.

Research Areas

My research focuses on how organisations use ”communication” as a strategic means and the structural conditions for such use. Earlier I have studies how corporations communicate their social responsibilities, corporate environmental communication, organizations crisis communication, corporate media work etcetera. My work is often influences by social theory as the theories of Ulrich Beck and Neo-institutional theory.

Current Research Project

The Expressive Govenrmental Agency The project takes its starting point in a critique of the idea – often presented by apolitical scientists – that governmental agencies use communication to inform and control citizens and that the latter is increasing.

The project rests on the hypotheses that the increasing marketization of the public sector leads to an increasing use of communication to express identity, values and self-understanding. The empirical material covers material from all Swedish governmental agencies (N=249) and historical analyzes will be carried out on a selection of agencies.

”Transboundary Crisis Communication” The project aims for a mapping and explanation of the dynamics in crisis transgressing geographical, sectoral, and/or cultural boundaries and how these circumstances influences organisations’ communication.

The project covers three studies and I’m responsible for a study of the communication from banks, governmental agencies, politicians and others during the financial crisis 2008/2009.

Managers Ideas about Communication The project aims for a mapping of ideas of “communication” among different types of managers in different types of organisations and what consequences these ideas have on the use of “communications” as a strategic means.

Completed Research Project

“Corporate Responsibility/Marketplace Rhetoric. An Analysis of Corporate Communications”.


I mainly teach corporate communications.


I’m a frequent lecturer appointed by The Swedish Agency of Higher Education, The Swedish Prosecution Authority, The City of Stockholm, Swedish Public Relations Society, The Swedish Museum of World Culture among others. Some examples of lectures are:

  • Strategic communication as a rationalized myth
  • Sustainable communication for stronger brands
  • Is the prosecution service in a crisis of trust? Is it possible to influence trust?
  • Banks in a new media landscape
  • The annual report as a part of the brand communication
  • Media consumption in a media culture
  • Marketing in the public sector