Johan Uddling Fredin


Dept of BioEnv -
Visiting address
Carl Skottsbergs gata 22B
143 19 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 461
405 30 Göteborg

About Johan Uddling Fredin

Research: I seek to understand the interactions between plants and their environment, in particular the atmosphere. I’m especially interested in how changes in the environment affect trees and crops and processes in their ecosystems (e.g. hydrology, productivity, species composition). My research is mostly based on ecophysiological field studies but also includes different types of data synthesis and modelling. These are three of my most important overall research questions: • How does climate change influence tropical and boreal trees and forests? • How is crop yield and quality affected by elevated levels of carbon dioxide and ground level ozone? • What roles do city trees play for urban climate and air quality?

 Commissions (in selection): • Coordinator for the group AiroPlant consisting of about 15 researchers and PhD students sharing an interest in plant–atmosphere interactions • Member of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Science • Member of the Advisory Board of Research at the home department, BaBor

Teaching: • Teacher on several basic and advanced level courses within plant biology and environmental science • Course leader on the advanced courses Global change: problem, analysis, measures (ES2613) and Plant ecophysiology in a global change perspective (BIO506) • Coordinator for the master program Environmental sciences (N2MVN)