Joana Cristina Pedroso

Doctoral Student

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Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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About Joana Cristina Pedroso

I started my doctoral studies here at Gothenburg University in August 2016. My thesis is about the EU State aid rules interpretation and application to environmental taxes, and my supervisors are Pernilla Rendahl and Lena Gipperth. I am particularly interested in analyzing the integration of environmental protection requirements level when such State aid rules concern environmental taxes. I am writing my thesis mainly to the EU Member States' legislators, who face a big challenge ahead of them, namely, enact all sorts of instruments to transit their domestic market to carbon-neutral and sustainable. Environmental taxes come into this picture as one optimal tool to tackle environmental issues and increase the protection of the environment. However, as the EU Member States, domestic legislators should be aware of the EU Law's effects on their legislative work, particularly when environmental taxes bring different tax burdens based on environmental levels. My research covers aspects of EU constitutional law concerning the EU and the Member States relationship through the State aid avenue, alongside the EU State aid laws formal and substantial effects on domestic taxation. Check out more about my thesis here.

I also teach EU law to Law and Economic students as a part of a five-year doctoral program. I am expected to conclude my research in 2022 since I took parental leave for one year.

Research areas

  • EU constitutional law, EU environmental tax law, and EU State aid law

Teaching areas

  • EU constitutional law, EU tax law, EU environmental tax law, and EU State aid law