Jan Marton

Senior Lecturer

Department of Business Administration
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 610
40530 Göteborg

About Jan Marton

Jan Marton's activities include research, teaching and engagement with practice.

Research Jan Marton conducts both basic and applied research, within a broad spectrum of topics in financial accounting. The basic research is about methods for assessing the usefulness of financial statements on capital markets, especially stock markets. Applied research covers, for example, the usefulness financial statements in firms with substantial intangible assets, and in private firms.

Teaching Teaching is done on all levels, from introductory courses to doctoral programs. Topics covered include measurement and disclosure for different financial statement items, accounting theory, regulation, and financial statement analysis. Jan Marton also provides overviews of financial accounting research, especially in doctoral courses. A number of textbooks have been produced, for example on IFRS, accounting theory, introductory accounting, group accounting and financial statement analysis.

Engagement with practice Previously, Jan Marton worked as certified public accountant, and as accounting specialist focused on IFRS. A large number of teaching assignments for auditors and accountants have been carried out. Participates in the Swedish accounting profession's strategic accounting group. Provides material for accounting standard setters, e.g., in terms of research summaries. Publishes texts for practitioners, e.g. as a columnist in the Swedish accounting profession's magazine Balans. Works as expert witness in court cases involving accounting issues.

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Research areas

  • Financial reporting
  • International accounting
  • IFRS
  • Accounting and capital markets

Teaching areas

  • Empirical research in accounting
  • IFRS

Selected publications

Banghøy, J., Marton, J., Plenborg, T., & Runesson, E. (2023). Revisiting pay-performance sensitivity around IFRS adoption in Europe: the dominant role of Germany. Accounting and Business Research, 53(7), 790-820.

Marton, J., Nilsson, F., & Öhman, P. (Eds.). (2023). Auditing Transformation: Regulation, Digitalisation and Sustainability. Taylor & Francis.

Hartmann, B., Marton, J., & Andersson Sols, J. (2020). IFRS in national regulatory space: insights from Sweden. Accounting in Europe, 17(3), 367-387.

Hartmann, B., Marton, J., & Söderström, R. (2018). The improbability of fraud in accounting for derivatives: A case study on the boundaries of financial reporting compliance. European Accounting Review, 27(5), 845-873.

Marton, J., & Runesson, E. (2017). The predictive ability of loan loss provisions in banks–Effects of accounting standards, enforcement and incentives. The British Accounting Review, 49(2), 162-180.