Dick Stenmark


Visiting address
Lindholmsplatsen 1
41756 Göteborg
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41296 Göteborg


Dept. of Applied IT, Division of
Visiting address
Lindholmen Forskningsgången 6
Room number
452 Kompis
Postal address
41296 Göteborg

About Dick Stenmark

I am a professor in informatics at the Department of Applied IT.

Since July 1, 2018, I have served as the Dean of the IT Faculty, which means that I formally manage the operations at the faculty and report to the Vice-Chancellor. As Dean, I am responsible for the departments working according to university-wide decisions, rules and policies and am also overall responsible for the faculty's finances. I am also chairman of the faculty board and the Academic Appointments Board, and I am a member of the group that the deputy Vice-Chancellor for outreach and cooperation runs.

In terms of teaching, I have for many years been involved at Master's level in the programs Business Technology and IT Management. I have been the course manager for courses in Knowledge Management, IT infrastructure and Research Methods, as well as responsible for the Master's thesis course. Nowadays, I give guest lectures on the bachelor programme Systemvetenskap, mainly in terms of research methods and thesis writing. I also supervise and examine Bachelor's and Master's theses.

On the research side, I have been interested in organisational information seeking and competence development, and have worked on projects together with Högskolan Väst. I have also been involved in a Forte project that studied the Police's introduction of body-worn cameras. Digital surveillance continues to be an area that I find both interesting and relevant.