Children playing in one of many playgrounds in Gothenburg
Photo: Karl-Johan Ekeroth

Bring your family

If you are considering bringing your family to Gothenburg, there is a lot to think about. Here you can read about schools, childcare, spousal support and more.

Residence permit

Whether your family travels here with you or joins later, it is best to apply for a residence permit together to ensure that the processing time is as short as possible. 

Preschools and schools

The web portal Move to Gothenburg has collected a lot of useful information about the Swedish school system that parents need to know. There is also a list of international and bilingual preschools, international schools, schools that offer the international baccalaureate programme (IB), bilingual schools and schools with a language profile in the Gothenburg region.

Parental benefits

Parents who have a Swedish personal identity number and are registered with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) are generally entitled to parental benefits.


If you are planning to bring your family to Gothenburg, we recommend that you start looking for accommodation as early as possible. There is a shortage of housing especially at the beginning of each semester. 

To avoid the stress of coming here without having a place to stay, there are two things we recommend: 

  • Start looking for housing as soon as you have been admitted. 
  • Consider to travel alone to Gothenburg at first. It is easier to find single room housing and once you are here you can look for accommodation that suits families. 

About finding housing in Gothenburg

Spouse support

Moving to a new country as an accompanying spouse can be challenging. If you are looking to find work or simply to find ways to fill your spare time, you will find some helpful information here. If you have further questions, feel free to contact Welcome Services.

Socializing and networking

Move to Gothenburg has compiled a lot of information about socializing and networking in Gothenburg. Their website has links to different social clubs and associations, sports clubs, religious groups, and much more.

Finding work

If you want to find work in Sweden, there is a lot of helpful information to be found on the Swedish Public Employment Agency's (Arbetsförmedlingen) website. You can read about work permits, employment contracts, unemployment insurance, learning Swedish, and much more. 

The Move to Gothenburg web portal has also compiled a lot of information regarding how to search for jobs in Gothenburg before you arrive. You can learn about the local labour market, various employment sites, staffing companies, and more.