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Simon Lind


Avd för reumatologi och
Guldhedsgatan 10A
41346 Göteborg
Plan 2
Guldhedsgatan 10A
41346 Göteborg

Om Simon Lind

PhD student especially interested in GPCR signaling and innate immunity. Research topics that are in focus right now is molecular patterns derived from microbes and mitochondria that can activate neutrophils. Another of my main projects is free fatty acid receptor signaling. We have seen that the ATP receptor can be controlled by the free fatty acid receptor 2 through a novel allosteric modulation mechanism. The number of circulating neutrophils, a cell type vital in the immune surveillance system and often the opening line of defense against microbial infection, increases several folds when the immune system is activated. This is an indication of their importance in host defense, and this is also evident in neutropenia, a substantial reduction of the number of circulating neutrophil due to a genetic disorder or effect of pharmacological treatment. Such a condition are plagued by persistent severe, and often life-threatening, infections.