Alphataxonomical principles

Master’s level
5 credits (ECTS)


Alpha taxonomy is the discipline within biology concerned with delimiting, naming and describing organisms. It constitutes the basis for conducting systematic studies on our biodiversity at any level from cell to ecosystem. The course comprises theory, practical exercises, and a final project work where alpha taxonomical knowledge is used.

The theoretical part of the course, the first two weeks, is given on distance. The project work and written exam, the third week, are done locally at the university where you have been admitted to the course or the Nordic Master's Programme in Biodiversity and Systematics.

For further information, see NABiS website.

This course is open to

Exchange students at the Faculty of Science and exchange students on a university-wide agreement. Please contact your international coordinator at the University of Gothenburg if you need to know more.

In order to apply for this course you must have successfully completed university studies of a minimum of 60 credits in Biology.

English proficiency

Incoming students should have an English level equivalent of B2 or higher as courses and materials, including presentations and exams, will be in English.

To assess your English level, you can use the self- assessment grid for reference:


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