Mauro Ribeiro

Putting your ideas out in the world

Studying the MSc in International Business and Trade at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Sweden became a natural progression for Mauro Ribeiro’s self-development. The programme's organised structure, multicultural perspective and intercultural practice give him the knowledge to work globally in various manufacturing and service industries.

Deciding to study the programme was a natural progression for Mauro to advance his skills in management and gain an intercultural perspective. 

The step from studying management to international business and trade was a way for me to get a background in how to do business in different cultures. The programme fits me well because it gives me a perspective of how I can have an idea and put it out in the world. The courses have lecturers from different backgrounds with mixed experiences and you are always being challenged and inspired by new ways of working, evaluating and analysing things. I think that is why the programme gives you that unique feeling, it is always adapting to our changing world” 

Life in Gothenburg

The decision to move to Sweden from Mozambique came from the curiosity to try something new. He wanted to explore a country that would be different from his previous academic and social experiences. In his opinion, moving to Gothenburg has given him the best of both worlds.

"Living and studying in Gothenburg gives me a good balance between academic and social life. Gothenburg offers a lot of things you can do inside and outside the academic world. An impact on my social life was the events organised by the Graduate Student Organisation in which I participated upon arrival and where I was able to connect with international and local students. I also like to be physically active and since coming here I have explored activities such as hiking and martial arts besides weightlifting which I already did before my arrival. According to my experience, it’s easy to create connections based on my interests"

I was also positively surprised by their support, even in areas you would not expect an educational institution would give

When Mauro was deciding where to study, the School’s opportunities and platform to succeed both on a personal and professional level was a major aspect. 

"The School’s Triple Crown accreditation was of course an extra assurance of quality, but I was also positively surprised by their support, even in areas you would not expect an educational institution would give. You have one place to go to for all your problems and they will be able to guide you to the best solution. For instance, they can help you with motivational and adaptation issues. It is nice to see that student healthcare is being taken seriously"

Mauro has now completed one year of studies. Living and studying in Sweden has so far fulfilled his expectations. 

"I seriously think this is one of the best places to have an academic experience. My first year has given me a large framework and a lot of useful tools. Even if you do not have any connection to the city in terms of friends or relatives prior to your arrival, you get the necessary structure to quickly adapt and succeed"

I seriously think this is one of the best places to have an academic experience

Tips to Students

For Mauro, it was a natural progression to move to Sweden for his master's studies, but for many students, it can be a difficult decision. When asked to give his best tips to students choosing a university and programme, he says it is important to consider the bigger picture. 

"Choose according to your interest, but also zoom out and see not only the university and the academic aspects, but life in general. I think the diversity of things you can find here in Gothenburg is amazing. My spare time activities were something I thought would not be part of my decision but have had a big impact on my life here. Nowadays, all information is available online and you can have a clear picture of what to expect before being there physically"

When asked about the future after completed studies, Mauro is still exploring different opportunities. What he can say is that he is making the most of his experience here in Sweden. 


Mauro Trindade Ribeiro, a Portuguese Mozambique student is in his second year at the Master of Science programme in International Business and Trade. The programme provides a distinctive combination of training and knowledge about the functioning of multinational companies—large and small—in the global economy.