Meet our teachers

The Master's Programme in Conservation of Cultural Heritage Objects have prominent teachers and researchers in the field of Conservation. During your studies, you will meet Swedish and international teachers and guest lecturers who provide in-depth knowledge in their specific areas.


Charlotta Bylund Melin
Programme Coordinator

Charlotta "Lotta" Bylund Melin is the Coordinator for the Master’s Programme in Conservation in 2022-23. She holds a PhD in Conservation on Indoor Environment in Historic Buildings from the UGOT. Lotta coordinates the course "Documentation of Cultural Heritage Objects".

Porträtt på Charlotta Bylund Melin, fotografi.
Photo: Thomas Melin

Zareen Abbas

Zareen Abbas teaches at the first year chemistry courses. The first course is about general chemistry, which is needed to understand the courses in inorganic and organic chemistry. Each course content is carefully chosen to give students good understanding of chemistry needed for conservation through lectures, problem solving, experiments and by taking examples from the field of conservation.

Portrait of Zareen Abbas, photo.

Gunnar Almevik

Gunnar Almevik is a Building Conservator and Professor in Conservation. His research, with a keen interest in methodology, crosses the fields of cultural heritage, material culture and making. Much of his research is conducted in multidisciplinary collaboration and in real settings where practice is integrated into the research.


Portrait of Gunnar Almevik, photo.

Helena Berg

Helena Berg holds a doctoral degree in Inorganic chemistry from Uppsala University and a bachelor’s degree in Conservation from University of Gothenburg. During the autumn semester, Helena is a guest lecture in Conservation Science and teaches at the courses "Documentation of Cultural Heritage" and "Material science for Conservation".

Portrait of Helena Berg, photo.

Kristina Frenguelli

Kristina "Titti" Frenguelli holds a master’s degree from the School of Conservation and Restauration in Rome, Italy, the ISCR as well as a master’s degree from the Art Academy in Rome. Titti works as a conservator of painted surfaces of artistic and historic interest and mosaic and stone. She also works as an artist and teaches the old masters’ techniques of painting. At the programme, she teaches at the introduction course of restauration and conservation of painted surfaces on wood and textiles.

Portrait of Kristina Frenguelli, photo.

Liv Friis

Liv Friis is a Paper Conservator and Research Engineer at the Department of Conservation. Liv participated in an interdisciplinary research project about the decorated farmhouses of Hälsingland, and as a Research Engineer, Liv works with the department's advanced research equipment. You will meet Liv in several courses.  

Feras Hammami

Feras Hammami is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Department at the Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg, and holds a PhD in Planning and Decision Analysis from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). During the master’s programme, you will meet Feras in two different courses: Research Methods in Cultural Heritage Conservation; and the master thesis course.

Portrait of Feras Hammami, photo.

Johanna Nilsson

Johanna Nilsson is a Senior Lecturer in Conservation and the Programme Coordinator for the Bachelor’s Programme in Conservation. Johanna holds a PhD in conservation of textiles from UGOT. She is the coordinator for the course "Documentation of Cultural Heritage Objectsand she is teaching in mounting techniques of textiles which is included in the course "Specialization Modern Materials I". 

Svartvitt porträtt Johanna Nilsson

Omid Oudbashi

Omid Oudbashi is a Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science at the Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg, and holds a PhD in Conservation of Cultural and Historical Properties from Art University of Isfahan, Iran. During the master’s programme, you will meet Omid in different courses such as “Research Methods in Cultural Heritage Conservation”, “Current Issues in Conservation” as well as “Material Science for Conservation” and Scientific Analytical Methods in Conservation”.

Portrait of Omid Oudbashi, photo.
Photo: Yasser Arab

Guest lecturers

  • Elyse Canosa, Project Advisor, National Heritage Board
  • Karl Hedin
  • Kathrin Hinrichs Degelblad, Conservation Scientist, National Heritage Board
  • Ravi Kant Pathak, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor and Atmospheric Scientist at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg
  • Magnus Mårtensson, Freelance and Conservation Scientist at the National Heritage Board in Visby.