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Learning, teaching and assessment of Swedish and English

Multilingualism as an asset and challenge.

The Department of Education and Special Education at the University of Gothenburg, together with the Department of Language Education at Stockholm University (project coordinator) and the Department of Language Studies at Umeå University, have received funding from the Swedish Research Council to organize a graduate school for teacher educators. The research school Learning, teaching and assessment of Swedish and English. Multilingualism as an asset and challenge is national, and includes nine doctoral students.

The research school is aimed at those who are, or have been, employed in teacher education. It started in August 2018 and will end after eight semesters, in 2022. Courses and dissertation work focus on learning, teaching and assessment with regard to Swedish and English in a multilingual perspective, from individual as well as societal points of view. There are three compulsory courses within the research school, and also courses at each university. The content and scope of these courses vary depending on the respective university. The education leads to a doctoral degree in language education, pedagogical work or subject didactics with a linguistic orientation. For more information, see the research school website.


PhD program for language educators: Learning, teaching and assessment of Swedish and English (SEMLA), (Stockholm University)