Human Rights

Are you socially engaged and want to work with issues of discrimination, refugee policy, or children's rights? Apply for our educational programmes in Human Rights if you want to work for equality and justice.


Human Rights is an interdisciplinary field, involving legal and political processes, globalization, social structures and civil society, methodologies needed to ensure reliable data, and the cultural and ethnic boundaries that challenge human rights implementation. 

The School of Global Studies offer education within Human Rights at both bachelor's and master's levels where you learn about the main subjects: 

  • human rights theory;
  • human rights in the context of politics and the market economy;
  • research methods and methodologies;
  • human rights defenders:
  • and social movements and nongovernmental organizations.

After graduation

The work for human rights takes place on all levels of society. After finishing our master's programme within Human Rights, you will be prepared to:

  • work professionally with the protection, promotion, and implementation of human rights in a changing global context;
  • begin careers in human rights work in different sectors within civil society organizations, governments, the public sector, and business;
  • utilize analytical skills and expertise in human rights perspectives, contexts, organizations, policy-making, and practice;
  • evaluate and apply these skills to different cases and environments;
  • and develop human rights-based policies, programmes, and projects with professionalism.

Joint master's degree programme

The School of Global Studies offers an international joint master’s degree programme with partner universities in Norway, Spain, and the UK. At the programme you spend one semester each in Gothenburg, Bilbao, and London before starting work on your master’s thesis at any of the four partner universities.

The Master’s Programme in Human Rights Policy and Practice has a unique interdisciplinary approach, bringing together legal, sociological, political, and practical perspectives on human rights.

Partner Universities

Arctic University of Norway (UIT), Tromsø, Norway

University of Deusto, Bilbao/San Sebastian, Spain

University of Roehampton, London, UK