Herman Frie studies MSc International Business and Trade

Herman Frie graduated from Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. Today he studies the Master’s programme International Business and Trade at the School of Business, Economics and Law.

Why did you choose to study at the School of Business, Economics and Law?
- My brother studied here and was so happy with his choice of school. He talked a lot about the atmosphere, the lecturers and the high quality of education, which made my decision on where to study very easy. Choosing MSc International Business and Trade was a natural choice for me, I’m very interested in international business and had a look at the course syllabus. All the courses seemed very interesting and relevant. The fact that the School of Business, Economics and Law has such a good reputation and is Triple Crown accredited made my decision even easier.

How did your interest in international business start?
- I have previously lived and worked in several different countries which has made me interested in how business works across borders and cultures. During my Bachelor’s I took a few courses in international business and during these courses, my interest increased.

Herman Frie student MSc IBT
Photo: Sophie Gräsberg

How would you describe the lecturers at the School?
-Our lecturers are very international and hold a very high standard. From my experience, they have all been very engaged and are pedagogical skilled. Since many of our lecturers are researchers, they are experts within their field, which makes our lectures very interesting.

Do you, as a student, notice the Schools work on sustainable development?
- Yes, on campus you notice the work that is done on sustainability. We have large screens that show how much energy our solar cells produce and all waste is separated at source. I have also found that the range of courses with a sustainability focus to be very wide. In my programme, I have four elective courses and two of them focus mainly on sustainability.

Why would you recommend the School of Business, Economics and Law?
- Because of the high quality of education and the high standard of our lecturers. Besides that, I would say I really enjoy the student life in Gothenburg in general, and particular at the School.

What would you recommend prospective students to do?
- My first tip would be to sign up for the different housing agencies as soon as possible. Also to engage in the different student organisations at the School. Apart from getting practical experiences from these organisations, it is also a good way to find new friends and to widen your social network.