Lärare och studenter i klassrum

Bridging programme for Teachers Educated Abroad

Are you a trained teacher with a foreign teaching degree and want to work as a teacher in Sweden? Then you can complement your training through ULV to gain Swedish teacher qualifications.

For applicants to ULV

For admission to ULV, you need to have at least a two-year post-secondary teaching degree from another country. You also need to have a passing grade from the Swedish as a Second Language 3 course or equivalent.

The complementary education varies in length depending on your previous education and professional experience. The degree programme may include at most 120 credits.

At the University of Gothenburg, studies within the teacher training programmes are conducted at half-speed (50%) with regular campus meetings. Communication between the meetings takes place online. Subject studies are usually conducted on campus through full-time studies.


Visit the ULV Swedish website for more information about the programme and the link to the digital online application.

ULV’s Swedish website

Before admission to ULV, a language test in Swedish is included. In order to take the test, a passing grade in Swedish as a second language 3 or equivalent is required. The purpose of the test is to examine the applicant's language ability in relation to the education applied for. The result of the test determines the design of the individual study plan.

What does the programme include?

If you are accepted for ULV, an individual study plan will be created for you containing the courses required to successfully complete the relevant degree. Your studies may include teacher training courses and/or subject studies.

The programme can cover at most four full-time semesters or eight half-time semesters. An introductory course in Swedish may be required.


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