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Photo: Natalie Greppi

Apply for MFA Programme in Child Culture Design

The information on this page concerns application for autumn 2024

Portfolio instructions  

Your application must be anonymous. Do not include your name or contact details in this material. All texts must be in English. 

Your portfolio to the MFA programme in Child Culture Design should include: 

  1. CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) – 1 pdf, maximum 2 pages
  2. LETTER OF INTENT – maximum 4000 characters. We ask you to address the question of why you wish to study at HDK-Valand and specifically the MFA Programme in Child Culture Design and how you could assimilate the knowledge to your own design practice.
  3. PROJECT REFLECTION – 1 pdf, maximum 2 pages. One key feature of our programme is the practical projects that students define themselves. From the start of your studies you are required to identify your personal interests and expected direction of your studies in design. In the project reflection, we ask you to write about an already realized or intended project that reflects your interests. Please feel free to use images or visualizations as references.

    We will assess your ability to articulate your learning goals as well as your understanding of the field of design.

    In the project reflection describe BRIEFLY:
    - the subject area in design you have investigated or want to investigate
    - what question(s) your project is concerned with
    - an outline of the outcome of the project
    - at least one reference to an inspirational source for your project (other designer’s work, art work, film, academic paper, etc.)

    Note: The project reflection is only a part of the application procedure and does not have to be realized as a part of your studies at HDK-Valand.
  4. PORTFOLIO/WORK SAMPLES – 1 pdf, maximum 20 pages. You can also upload maximum two video files as part of your portfolio. 

    You are required to include images (or other relevant digital material) that demonstrate the
    - breadth and depth of your creative work 
    - key stages of the design process to a realized intention 
    - personal direction of interest in design 
    - skills in presentation, visualization and communication
Photo: Natalie Greppi
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As a whole, we will assess:

  • The Design Process – design knowledge, credibility, references, methodology and concepts
  • Breadth and Depth – contexts, skills, scales and experiences
  • Field of Interest – design questions, societal questions, skills and relevance to the MA program profile
  • Artistic Approach – expression, method and communication

Your work samples must meet the assessment criteria to be approved.

Submit your portfolio  

Submit your portfolio through our portfolio tool SlideRoom . 

SlideRoom closes at midnight (CET) on the day of deadline. When you have submitted your portfolio in time, you will receive a confirmation e-mail från SlideRoom. 

We recommend that you upload your material 24 hours before the deadline. Please note that it is not possible to submit your portfolio after the application deadline.  

Application, selection & admission  

Documentation of Bachelor’s degree and English 6 

Submit all documentation on that shows you fulfill the entry requirement. It is important that you submit complete documentation and follow the country specific guidelines carefully. More information: Provide application documents  

If you submit incomplete documentation you will be considered unqualified. 

Selection and admission

All complete applications are assessed by a jury consisting of the Programme Director and representatives from the department.  

The work samples are considered approved or not approved. If your work samples are not approved, you will be unqualified for the programme. 

If you do not have a Bachelor’s degree in Design you can be granted an exemption. HDK-Valand can grant exemption if an applicant in other ways have demonstrated ability to benefit from the programme. Ability to benefit from the programme can be demonstrated by: 

  • other relevant education

  • relevant work experience or other practical experience  

  • relevant artistic skills and abilities 

Key dates  

16 October 2023: Application opens 

15 January 2024: Last day to apply on 

15 January 2024: Last day to submit your portfolio in SlideRoom

1 February 2024: Last day to submit documentation of BA Degree/English on  

1 February 2024: Last day to pay the application fee or provide proof you are exempted from paying

21 March 2024: Admission results are published on