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On this page we will gather project related publications.

Peer reviewed articles


Alexander Jung, Ezgi Irgil, Isabell Schierenbeck & Andrea Spehar (2023). Navigating through depoliticisation: international stakeholders and refugee reception in Jordan and Turkey, Third World Quarterly.

Schierenbeck, Isabell, Andrea Spehar and Tareq Naseef. Newly arrived migrants meet street-level bureaucrats in Jordan, Sweden, and Turkey: Client perceptions of satisfaction–dissatisfaction and response strategies, Migration Studies, 2023.


Spehar, Andrea (2021). Navigating Institutions for Integration: Perceived Institutional Barriers of Access to the Labour Market among Refugee Women in Sweden. Journal of Refugee Studies.

Working Papers

Policy Reports


Schierenbeck, Isabell & Andrea Spehar (2021). Migration i välfärdsstaten.  Studentlitteratur.