University of Gothenburg
Photo: Andrea Morf


Do you want to take part and work to develop the marine and maritime activities at the University of Gothenburg? If you are employed at the university you are also welcome as a member of the Center for Sea and Society!

We seek to increase the multidisciplinary research in questions relating to the coast and ocean in Sweden as well as internationally. By working with the global sustainability goals and focusing on goal 14 relating to the ocean and its resources, the Center aspires to contribute to a more sustainable society.

If you wish to become part of the network, please fill in the registration form.

By becoming a member of Sea and Society you gain access to

  • A multidisciplinary network of academics and professionals
  • Cooperation with the business industry and administration
  • Sea and Society’s newsletters
  • Meeting rooms
  • Support in the development of projects and research applications
  • Support in arranging and coordinating multidisciplinary seminars, conferences, writing hubs

You contribute with

  • Your involvement as a member of the network
  • Your network
  • New ideas relating to research and the work of the Center

How can you get involved?

  • By taking initiative or suggest activities you deem relevant and important. We help you accomplish them
  • By engaging in others’ activities arranged by the Center for Sea and Society
  • By informing us what you are working on. If desired, we help you to spread the information
  • By spreading information about the Center for Sea and Society to your network

If you wish to become part of the network, please fill in the registration form.


We are happy to see you registering as a member of our network!