Boy being bullied by other children.

Youth, vulnerability and school. Students' perspectives on violence, harassment and violations

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
3 530 000 SEK
Project period
2018 - 2020
Project owner
Department of education, communication and learning


Short description

In this project, the focus is on youth, sexting and digital sexual harassment and how this affects students' peer relationships and school life. As part of this research project, a dissertation is written on this particular topic, with a planned public defense 2022. Another theme that is being researched in the project concerns the violence of sexual minorities in school life. The study is based on interviews with students in ninth grade and were conducted in four classes at three different schools.

About the project

The 3-year (2018-2020) research project Youth, Vulnerability and School. Students' Perspectives on Violence, Harassment and Violations, funded by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte), explores how pupils in lower secondary school describe and experience situations where physical and psychological violence occurs in the school environment. There is a special focus on the importance of gender, and on how other social structures interact with gender, when it comes to pupils' experiences of violence in the school environment. The study will be based on interviews with pupils, as well as observations at the lower secondary level. The aim of the study is to examine:

  1. How pupils categorise various incidents where they have witnessed violence or themselves been victims of violence in the school environment.
  2. What explanations pupils use to describe situations involving violence and intimidation as well as how in particular gender is used as an explanatory model for these situations.
  3. The strategies pupils use to obtain support and help in vulnerable situations.

The project aims to contribute new knowledge about gender, violence and vulnerability in the school environment and how school staff can handle these types of issues. Another important contribution will be pupils' experiences concerning violence in school and what they categorise as a safe and secure school environment, which is the focus of the study. The results of the study will hopefully increase the focus in education policy on issues concerning gender equality, a safe and secure school environment and social well-being in the school environment.

Project members

Ylva Odenbring, professor and project leader
Department of education, communication and learning

Thomas Johansson, professor,
Department of education, communication and learning

Kristina Hunehäll Berntsson, doctoral student,
Department of education, communication and learning