What Can Science Deliver and What Does Policy Want? Expectations on Science in Support of Climate Change Action

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4 200 000
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2020 - 2023
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Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Short description

The notion speaking truth to power concerns how to mobilise best available knowledge for political decision-making. Climate change is a fundamental challenge for today’s societies, but in what ways does science speak‘truth’ and how does ‘power’ listen in order to manage this great issue? Is lack of action explained by lack oftechnological solutions, so called technological fixes? Four case studies are carried out in order to advance the discussion and in these we ask i) under what conditions technological fixes are possible, ii) what the alternatives are when they do not exist, and iii) how to make democracy ‘intelligent’ (i.e. how science and technology should connect in order to not overrule pluralist democracy). We study the four cases in two comparative nationalcontexts: Sweden and Norway.