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Urban Co-creation Lab

Research project
Active research
Project size
8,1 million SEK
Project period
2019 - 2022
Project owner
Lindholmen Science Park

Short description

The project aims to create a platform for remote and simultaneous stakeholder collaboration in urban planning and design, integrating web-based desktop 3D modeling, Virtual Reality (VR) and Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR).
Project leader: Petra Juhlin, Lindholmen Science Park.
Participants: Petra Juhlin, Lindholmen Science Park; Peter Wallberg, Atvis; Björn Westling, Johanneberg Science Park; Hyekyung Imottesjo, Chalmers ACE; Jaan-Henrik Kain, GRI-GU; Linda Teng, Akademiska Hus.
Case study area: Akademiska Hus.