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The OCTO-Twin Study: Origins of Variance in the Old-old

Research project
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Project period
1991 - 2002
Project owner
Department of Psychology

Short description

The OCTO-Twin study was the first major population-based and longitudinal study of the oldest twins at its start in 1991. Of primary interest was the importance of genetic and environmental factors contributing to continued well-being, health, and functional capacity.

Project Description

The study data was gathered through interviews, and by means of questionnaires, health assessments, and extensive in-person cognitive testing. All 80 year old and older twin pairs in Sweden, where both in the pair were still alive, were recruited to participate in the study, including 702 individuals. At the end of the study in 2002, five waves of data collection at 2-year intervals were completed. The OCTO-Twin study has contributed to extensive knowledge about aging, and data from the study are still in use as the database is available to researchers around the world.

The project is carried out in the research group Lifespan Development Lab (LIFE LAB) at the Department of Psychology.