Erik Malmqvist
Erik Malmqvist
Photo: Monica Havström

The ethics of exploitation: theory and applications

Research project

Short description

It is widely agreed that exploiting people is morally wrong, and concerns about exploitation underpin criticism of many real-world practices, such as medical research in poor countries, commercial surrogacy, and the use of precarious labour. But the nature and normative implications of this form of wrongdoing remain elusive despite extensive philosophical debate.

This project seeks to advance philosophical understanding of exploitation in ways that are also practically relevant. We explore questions such as these: What is the relationship between exploitation and social injustice? Who is morally responsible in cases where exploitation involves different agents? What are the victims owed after exploitation has happened, and who owes it to them? To answer these questions, we engage in conceptual work as well as case analyses.

External member: András Szigeti (Linköpings universitet och Lunds universitet)