Fishing huts at Fisketången harbor, Kungshamn.
Photo: W. Carter, Wikimedia

Sustainable seafood in Sweden's new rural development

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2021 - 2025
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School of Global Studies

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Sweden’s long coasts, fishing history, and seafood-rich culinary culture mean sustainable rural development extends beyond agriculture to coastal communities whose ties to the sea deserve special attention. This project examines sustainable seafood’s role and future potential in Swedish rural development. Nordic consumers are increasingly rejecting industrial, corporate-owned food in favour of fresh, locally-produced items with a distinctive “taste of place” procured in face-to-face relationships. Sustainable seafood that is fresh, local, seasonal and supports local economies can be part of this trend. The project studies how coastal fishers and locally-landed fish are included in local food initiatives and multifunctional entrepreneurship, and how their future contributions to sustainable rural development might be strengthened.