Rational and safe use of medicines — evidence for the benefit of the patients and the society

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Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

Short description

The overall aim of our research group is to provide evidence for rational and safe use of medicines. As drug treatment is the most common intervention in healthcare, the evidence obtained can contribute to improved healthcare.

Our research projects include intervention as well as descriptive and validation studies We focus on real-life drug treatment, using clinical as well as register materials. Regarding the latter, we have a long experience of the Swedish Prescribed Drug Register linked to other national and regional registers. Ongoing research focuses on means to measure drug treatment, interventions for improved prescribing, and drug concentrations after bariatric surgery.

Group members

Principal Investigator

Susanna Wallerstedt, professor in pharmacotherapy, chief physician clinical pharmacology

Doctoral Students

Naldy Parodi Lopez, doctoral student, physician
Carina Tukukino, doctoral student, licensed nurse and midwife

External collaboration

Magnus Axelsson, med dr, physician
Johan Lönnbro, med dr, physician
Staffan Svensson, med dr/Specialized Physician (clinical pharmacology and general medicine), Hjällbo Health Centre, Gothenburg.