Marina Rafajlovic and collaborators look at shore snails on a rocky beach near Tjärnö.
Marina Rafajlovic and collaborators discussing modelling of shore snails, Littorina saxatilis, on a rocky shore near Tjärnö Marine Laboratory. From left to right: Anja Westram, Roger Butlin, Marina Rafajlovic, Nick Barton, Martin Eriksson.
Photo: Kerstin Johannesson

Rafajlović Evolution Modelling Group

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Rafajlović Evolution Modelling Group studies the evolution of biological populations using mathematical models (individual-based computer simulations) combined with empirical genetic and ecological data from a number of organisms, currently including Littorina saxatilis, Fucus vesiculosus, Idotea balthica and Symphodus melops.

Specific research questions include:

- the evolution of ranges of populations (the role of connectivity, selection, genomic architectures, mode of reproduction and plasticity in range expansions),
- evolutionary mechanisms of local adaptation and divergence between populations,
- evolution of hybrid zones,
- mechanisms of speciation,
- how different evolutionary processes shape patterns of genetic variation within and between populations.