Photograph of Swedish missionary and children in Kongo
Photo: Okänd/Missionskyrkans arkiv, Döbelsgatan.

Photographs of the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden from the Lower Congo 1886–1961: Ideology and rhetoric in the mission photography

Research group
Active research
Project period
2020 - ongoing
Project owner
Simon Larsson, Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI)

The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities

Short description

The research project studies the photographs that remain from the work of the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden in the Lower Congo between 1886 and 1961. It deals with the question of photography's rhetoric and position as a source of information. The project is relevant to all areas where photographs can be used as source material. Through the interdisciplinary collaboration, the aim is to make a methodological and theoretical contribution to how mission photography and historical photography can be more generally understood as knowledge objects – a discussion that can enrich both visual anthropology, art science and the legal sciences.