PEHKA – Establishing sustainable climate adaptation solutions

Research project

Short description

The project aims to increase municipalities' ability to plan, establish and long-term maintain the function of multifunctional
solutions that both strengthen climate change adaptation in the built environment and contribute to social sustainability
through increased knowledge, implementation of new working methods and tools, and in-depth collaboration across sector
and business boundaries.

About the project

The project is implemented in three work packages (WP’s). WP1 compiles current research and best-practice in planning, design and efficient operation of climate change adaptation measures and measures that contribute to social values, as well as multifunctional solutions that handle both climate change adaptation challenges and social needs. The compilations form the basis for co-creation in transdisciplinary workshops (WP 2) where strategic functions in the Gothenburg region's municipalities, such as employees in planning units, street parks and management, meet municipal housing companies and consultants. The workshops are based on current planning cases in the Gothenburg region, e.g. Nödinge center in Ale Municipality. The workshops will partly form the basis for regional recommendations and/or planning principles for implementing multifunctional solutions. They also create a basis for educational concepts (AP 3) to ensure the continued dissemination and development of the knowledge and ideas developed within the project, with the target groups municipalities; planning and design; operation and management.


The partnership is a collaboration between academia (University of Gothenburg), public sector (The Gothenburg Region and

Ale Municipality) and business (Acama AB) as well as the collaboration platform Urban Futures.

Contributing to the Global goals

Goal 11. Sustainable cities and communities
Goal 13. Climate action