Photo: Olga Sasunkevich

MiDem – Migration and Democracy: Confronting Illiberalism in the Baltic Sea Region

Research group
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Project period
2022 - ongoing
Project owner
Department of Cultural Sciences

Short description

The aim of MiDem is to understand the role of migrants in the circulation of democratic and illiberal ideas in the Baltic Sea Region. The project establishes international network of migration scholars from the Nordic countries, Eastern and Central Europe. The network will develop a set of research projects, which will study from different disciplinary and methodological perspectives how migrants participate in the transfer of ideas, values and discourses across the national borders. The project is an international collaboration between the countries in the Baltic Sea Region.


Marta Grzechnik, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies and an affiliated researcher at the International Border Studies Center, the University of Gdańsk, Poland

Olga Tkach, visiting researcher, University of Helsinki

Guzel Yusupova, independent researcher